Reichenbach's provides its customers with the convenience of reliable delivery of environmentally-friendly, premium, clean-burning heating oil. Our employees are highly trained professionals who understand your heating needs. Deliveries are made in clean, well maintained trucks and our drivers conduct themselves with the knowledge that they are visitors to your property. We offer several payment options. Automatic delivery is available on all our petroleum products, which include heating oil, diesel fuel, and kerosene. We also participate in Pacific Pride commercial fueling.

Delivery Services

Automatic Delivery: This delivery feature ensures that you never run out of fuel for your home. After an initial scheduled delivery, we closely monitor your fuel intake and assess the factors that contribute to your unique consumption rate. These variable components, such as the size of your home and number of residents, all contribute to your K factor, a figure that reflects your usage tendencies. We also track local weather forecasts and degree days, an approximation of daily temperatures in your area. Our computer program predicts your delivery schedule using the weather and temperature information and your personal K factor. You never have to watch your fuel gauge or wait around for a delivery. Automatic delivery is a hassle-free, worry-free approach to your fuel refilling needs, and it is available at no extra cost.

Will Call Delivery: With this plan, you call our office whenever you need a fuel refill and we will respond promptly. This is a good option for people who travel often or for second homes, in which fuel consumption is not consistent. The drawback of this plan is that you must keep track of weather conditions and other variables as well as your personal usage habits. Please keep in mind that the will call plan is not for individuals that have busy schedules, because you may forget to order fuel and run out at a crucial time. Also, you must be present to pay when the fuel is delivered. If you feel that you can best judge when you need fuel refills due to erratic consumption or budgeting/conservation efforts, this is the plan for you; otherwise, we recommend enrolling in Automatic Delivery.

Payment Plans

  • Prepayment Plan: This plan allows you to pay for the season’s fuel in advance, eliminating the burden of waiting for a bill each winter month, and locking in a guaranteed price per gallon. You must also be enrolled in our automatic delivery program and purchase a minimum of 300 gallons to be eligible for this option. At the end of the season, any remaining balance will be credited to you for the next year.
  • 11 Month Budget Plan: We offer this budget plan so that you won’t have to deal with large unpredictable payments during the heating season. To determine your payment amounts, we estimate your annual fuel consumption and apply industry forecasted oil prices, plus the cost of your service plan. Payments are divided and sent out over 11 months, so there are no surprises. Prices will vary based on the daily market price. At the end of the year, a credit balance can be refunded or rolled over.
  • 2. AutoPay Plan = $.20 per gallon savings!!!

     If you provide us with a credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express) to keep on file in order to automatically charge deliveries within one (1) day of delivery OR, for our budget customers, automatically charge your monthly budget payment on a consistent specified day (ex: 15th of each month), we will then offer an unprecedented $.20 PER GALLON DISCOUNT!  This plan is a great way to save on your heating oil costs while earning valuable Reward Points your credit card issuer may offer!

  • Senior Discount: Our valued senior citizen customers qualify for special discounts. Seniors receive $0.02 off the price of heating oil. Contact us for details.
PA HIC#: PA016396